Kelly’s First Rainstorm – A Book by Karen Kleker

Book cover for 'Kelly's First Rainstorm - R and L Sounds' by Karen Kleker

Does your child get frustrated practicing sounds with boring therapy books and flashcards?

Forget about boring speech therapy stories. This new series by Karen Kleker was designed for parents, teachers, and speech language pathologists to help children practice sounds in a fun and engaging way.

This book is not only a delightful story that children will enjoy, but also a great opportunity to practice the sounds /r/ and /l/. Kids will love reading about Kelly, a young kangaroo, and enjoy the emotional ride as she experiences her first rainstorm.

Benefits of Kelly’s First Rainstorm include:

  • Over 200 opportunities to produce each of the sounds /r/ and /l/
  • Sounds presented in pictures as well as text in the beginning, middle, and end of words
  • Modeling the correct production of sounds through oral reading and repetition
  • Speech and language enhancing activities
  • An effective tool to work on the sounds /r/ and /l/ in a meaningful context.

Take this important step towards improving your child’s desire to practice sounds by grabbing your copy today.

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