What’s next?

  1. Contact us and make an appointment for a free no obligation speech and language screening.
  2. If your child failed the screening, you will need to……
    1.  receive a referral from your doctor for a speech and language evaluation. (This is only necessary if you plan to get reimbursed by your insurance – if you are paying out of pocket, a referral from your doctor is not necessary)
    2.  receive a referral from your orthodontist for a tongue thrust evaluation/therapy. (This is necessary because if your child’s tongue thrust is not affecting your child’s teeth, tongue thrust therapy is not necessary. It is only necessary if the tongue thrust while swallowing is affecting your child’s teeth.)
    3. receive a referral from an Ears, Nose, and Throat Specialist (ENT) for a voice/resonance evaluation. (This is necessary as Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) should not evaluate an individual’s voice without having an ENT first look at the vocal folds to determine that the voice disorder is due to vocal nodules or swelling and not due to something such as cancer or a degenerative disease.)
  3. Contact your insurance if you plan to go through your insurance for reimbursement. Ask your insurance 1) if a speech and language evaluation/therapy is covered and 2) from which provider you can receive a speech and language evaluation/therapy.
    1. Kids Communication Connection does not accept insurance at this time. Parents are responsible for payment; however, we provide you with an invoice with the codes (CPT and ICD-9) needed in order to receive reimbursement from your insurance (Please contact your insurance prior to receiving services as some insurance plans do not reimburse for speech and language services.) You should be able to receive reimbursement if you have a PPO plan. If you have an HMO plan, you may need to go to a company who is a provider for your insurance.
    2. Please note that if your insurance does not cover speech and language evaluations/therapy, Kid’s Communication Connection offers discounts for families who are paying out of pocket.
  4. Contact us (or another provider of your choice) and set up an appointment to receive a full speech and language evaluation.
  5. If you already have received a full speech and language evaluation that recommended that you receive speech and language therapy, contact your insurance (refer to the 3rd point) and then contact us (or another provider of your choice) to set up an appointment for speech and language therapy.