Here are some examples of what parents have to say about Us.

“I am pleased with my daughter’s progress so far. Not only have I noticed an improvement but other people, outside the home, have mentioned improvement”

“I’m very happy! [Child’s name] has met all of his goals and continues to grow.”

“Karen works great with [Child’s name], keeps him interested and non-stressful.”

“[Child’s name] has progressed wonderfully. She is more confident now when speaking.”

“Our experience has been very positive. I have used other speech services, and K.C.C. has been the most professional and organized than anyone else. My daughter has enjoyed her time with Karen.”

“[Child’s name] has made measurable progress consistently with you. It’s evident in his work at school and even his texts to me!”

“I’ve been very happy! I love the communication with parents and the collaboration.”